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Kilele Planet

Get involved, share, empower and learn. Kilele Planet, a SME interactive web-based portal, offers SME support, not just in terms of credit financing, but also through capacity building. Kilele Planet also provides a chance to interact and network with customers as well as other SME owners around the world.

Kilele Planet is also honored by the diverse pool of strong strategic partnerships with key industry players offering the greatest benefits to users. Our partners include legal experts, audit experts, tax specialists, trainers, apart from that some partners provide SMEs with basic work tools such as software.

To register:

  • Visit
  • Click on the login button and sign up
  • Fill in short form
  • Get involved, share, empower and learn
  • Take your time to explore the unique features this portal has to offer. Update your profile; add pictures; and have access to information, training and videos on various business issues that affect SMEs.

    Send us your feedback; share your thoughts on Kilele Planet. Business is about networking, let’s all meet, learn and engage on Kilele Planet today.